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Castlevania: Portrait Of Ruin Cheats "Misspells" (Nintendo DS)


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  • In the "Equip" sub-menu, where characters' names are displayed, Charlotte's name is misspelled as "Charotte". The manual lists her name as "Charlotte". You can also hear Jonathan shout "Charlotte!" during game play.

  • After getting the Samurai Leggings on 13th Street, go to the "Equip" menu where the item names are displayed. Notice that the word "Leggings" is misspelled as "Leggngs" with the "I" missing.

  • After unlocking Richter and Sisters modes, go to a blank file to start a new game. In the "Select A Character" screen, notice that "Richter" is misspelled as "Richiter".

  • There is an armor in the game called "Platinum Leggings" that is misspelled as "Platinum Lggns".

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