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Chaotic: Shadow Warriors Cheats "Unlock Maxxor, Chaor, Illexia the Danian Queen, or Prince Mudeenu" (Nintendo DS)

Game also available for:   PS3  |  XBOX 360  |  Wii


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Unlock Maxxor, Chaor, Illexia the Danian Queen, or Prince Mudeenu

At the beginning of the Gothos Tower level, go left until you find four teleporter pads and a button on the wall. Send everyone into the first teleporter. Keep hitting the button and going into the teleporters until you end up at the north teleport. Once there, walk up and battle if you need to. When see a box with four arrows on it, send Peyton to the box via the poison trail that leads up there. Put Peyton on top of the box to open the door. With Tom, slice the box with your stylus and move the box with Peyton (on it) all the way up the path. Once there, move Peyton off the box and follow the path. Note: You'll also find battle gear if you follow the path and go up. At the end of the path, pick up a bomb and throw it near the cracked wall. Note: There should be more bombs. Keep picking up the bombs and placing them along the trail. Once all the bombs are placed, move Peyton near the cracked wall and move the box with Tom backwards a few spaces. With Kaz, launch a fireball at the poison to blow the wall up. Lower the bridge with Peyton and the rest across. Put two people on the pads and move the rest down to fight the enemies. Once defeated, walk down and pick up the creature scan. Then, depending on what tribe you are, you find one of the following: Maxxor, Chaor, Illexia the Danian Queen or Prince Mudeenu.

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