Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force Nintendo DS Cheats

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ScreenHog and Rsnail easter egg

Certain missions require you to go in G's office in the Sport Shop. Under G's pin collection are ScreenHog and Rsnail. They are Club Penguin moderators who make important posts. In this game they were made into inventions.

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Unlockable Calendar Missions and Items

-Unlock the following missions and itemsby setting the system date to the corresponding day:

"Deliver the Presents" mission - December 25th
Ice Skates on the Iceberg - December 25th
"Flower Hunt" mission - April 1st
April items in Catalog - April 1st
"Halloween Party" mission - October 31st
Fish costume in Lodge Attic - October 31st
"Summer Party" mission - June 21st
Fiesta Hat on Frozen Pond - June 21st
June items in Catalog - June 21st

-To get the Jester Hat, complete the game and set the system date to April 1st. Play the "Rookie on the Rocks" mission. During the mission, you see Rookie on the other side of the river. Tap the box here to get the Jester Hat.

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Mini-game medals 100% hint

After completing every missions, the last medals required for 100% completion are the "King Of The Mountain Gold Medal", "Rail Kahuna Gold Medal", "Golden Mullet And Golden Chest Medal", "Rocket Ace Gold Medal", "Night Club Fever Gold Medal", and "Snow Trekker Lightning Medal". Select "Start" then "Continue". Tap the bottom left square for mini-games (marked with a blue penguin and light pink Puffle). Tap on the desired mini-game and get those medals. Note: To get the King Of The Mountain Gold Medal you must earn 1,000 points in each mini-game.