Crosswords DS Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 4

Unlockable Crossword Pages

Unlock the following pages by completing the corresponding number of crosswords on the specified difficulty levels:

Easy pages 5 through 7 - Complete 20 Easy crosswords.
Easy pages 8 through 10 - Complete 100 Easy crosswords.
Medium pages 5 through 9 - Complete 20 Medium crosswords.
Medium pages 10 through 15 - Complete 150 Medium crosswords.
Hard pages 1 through 4 - Complete 100 Medium crosswords.
Hard pages 5 through 10 - Complete 20 Hard crosswords.

Rating 4

Hard difficulty

To unlock Hard difficulty, complete 100 puzzles on Medium difficulty.

Rating 2

Easier puzzles hint

When playing any crossword puzzle, you will eventually hear a chime after completing a certain amount of the puzzle, indicating that you have been given the option to "Give Up". This option is located under the pause menu. Select this option, then choose "Yes". The remainder of the puzzles answers will be displayed. This will make the second attempt at the puzzle much easier.

Rating 1

Anagrams hint

The anagrams are listed in alphabetical order when you find them.

Rating 0

Unlockable Medals

Unlock the following medals by performing the corresponding tasks:

Anagram Expert (Medium) - Complete 200 Medium anagrams.
Anagram Expert (Short) - Complete 200 Short anagrams.
Anagram Master (Short) - Complete 300 Short anagrams.
Anagram Novice (Medium) - Complete 100 Medium anagrams.
Anagram Novice (Short) - Complete 100 Short anagrams.
Anagram Novice (Long) - Complete 100 Long anagrams.
Crossword Expert (Easy) - Complete all 200 Easy crosswords without hints.
Wordsearch Expert (Bonus) - Complete all 40 Bonus wordsearch puzzles.
Wordsearch Expert (Large) - Complete all 100 Large wordsearch puzzles.
Wordsearch Expert (Small) - Complete all 100 Small wordsearch puzzles.