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Digimon World: Dawn Cheats "Armor Digivolutions" (Nintendo DS)


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Armor Digivolutions

Friendship DE + Armadillomon to Kenkimon
Condition: Armadillomon at level 24+ with 2300+ Machine EXPLight DE + Armadillomon to Seahomon
Condition: Armadillomon at level 27+ with 2700+ Dragon EXPSincerity DE + Hawkmon to Shurimon
Condition: Hawkmon at level 22+ with 800+ Insect/Plant EXPCourage DE + Hawkmon to Allomon
Condition: Hawkmon at level 21+ with 110+ Attack StatKindness DE + Hawkmon to Toucanmon
Condition: Hawkmon at level 20+ with 105+ Defense StatLove DE + Patamon to Pipismon
Condition: Patamon at level 21+ with 100+ Speed StatSincerity DE + Patamon to Punchomon
Condition: Patamon at level 23+ with 2000+ Dark EXPKindness DE + Patamon to Prairiemon
Condition: Patamon at level 27+ with 135+ Attack StatCourage DE + Tailmon/Gatomon to Lynxmon
Condition: Tailmon at level 29+ with 130+ Speed StatSincerity DE + Tailmon/Gatomon to Kabukimon
Condition: Tailmon at level 31+ with 2000+ Insect/Plant EXPReliability DE + Tailmon/Gatomon to Tylomon
Condition: Tail mon at level 27+ with 2200+ Aquan EXPCourage DE + Veemon to Flamedramon
Condition: Veemon at level 22+ with 2500+ Dragon EXPMiracles DE + Veemon to Magnamon
Condition: Veemon at level 40+ with 10000+ Holy EXPCourage DE + Wormmon to Shadramon
Condition: Wormmon at level 30+ with 6000+ Dark EXPLove DE + Wormmon to Owlmon
Condition: Wormmon at level 21+ with 110+ Spirit StatMiracles DE + Wormmon to Kongoumon
Wormmon at level 32+ with 190+ Attack Stat

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