Digimon World: Dawn Nintendo DS Cheats

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Stat-raising items

The following is a list items that raise certain Digimon stats and what they are most useful for:

Fire Road - Dragon types
Ball - Beast types
Mini Shower - Aqua types
Flowers - InsectGrass types
Computer - Machine types
Birdhouse - Bird types
Phonograph - Holy types (like Coronamon)
Odd Pot - Dark types (like Lunamon)

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding cheat codes when speaking to Valkyriemon inside the DigiColiseum:

100% Scan Data for DotAgumon - "19970628"
100% Scan Data for DotShineGreymon - "70307991"
100% Scan Data for Numemon - "82607991"
Legend Sword, Legend Robe, and Legend Ring - "02619020"

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Silent Digimon glitch

Occasionally on the top screen of your DS, a Digimon will speak about any given item in your farm. However, sometimes they appear on-screen to say something, but end up saying nothing at all.

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If your Digimon can't reach certain level, also called "aptitude", then Degenerate your Digimon. For example,Renamon's main aptitude is 24. However, if you degenerated it to a Gummymon, its aptitude raises to 25. That is also how to get a Kyubimon. Many Digimon need their aptitude raised in order to digivolve.

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Easy experience hint

To easily gain experience, you will need to have your first three Digimon at level 60 or higher, and have three weak ones because your Digimon will grow a lot. After reaching Sunshine City and getting the Master ID int he "Final Battle" mission, enter the portal to battle an OphanimonC. You will gain 9,600 experience points by defeating her. Save the game after the intermission sequence. The Chaos Brain has some powerful Digimon. Make sure to have revivers. Go through Chaos Brain, and you will see Grimmon with Chrono Core. Grimmon will soon digivolve into ChaosGrimmon and will be at level 88. Your first three Digimon should all be Megas. Defeat him, and another intermission sequence will start. ChaosGrimmon will digivolve into ExoGrimmon. He will be at level 99. Do not defeat ExoGrimmon if you want your Digimon to keep growing. If you decide to do this, your Digimon will lose friendship but will gain 15,000 experience points each time you do this. When you lose to ExoGrimmon, you will be at your house. Repeat as desired.

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Ghoulmon and Ghoulmon Black

In the Chaos Brain, in the room before the Grimmon room, you can find Ghoulmon but also Ghoulmon Black. This is not very noticeable unless you pay close attention.

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Armor Digivolutions

Friendship DE + Armadillomon to Kenkimon
Condition: Armadillomon at level 24+ with 2300+ Machine EXPLight DE + Armadillomon to Seahomon
Condition: Armadillomon at level 27+ with 2700+ Dragon EXPSincerity DE + Hawkmon to Shurimon
Condition: Hawkmon at level 22+ with 800+ Insect/Plant EXPCourage DE + Hawkmon to Allomon
Condition: Hawkmon at level 21+ with 110+ Attack StatKindness DE + Hawkmon to Toucanmon
Condition: Hawkmon at level 20+ with 105+ Defense StatLove DE + Patamon to Pipismon
Condition: Patamon at level 21+ with 100+ Speed StatSincerity DE + Patamon to Punchomon
Condition: Patamon at level 23+ with 2000+ Dark EXPKindness DE + Patamon to Prairiemon
Condition: Patamon at level 27+ with 135+ Attack StatCourage DE + Tailmon/Gatomon to Lynxmon
Condition: Tailmon at level 29+ with 130+ Speed StatSincerity DE + Tailmon/Gatomon to Kabukimon
Condition: Tailmon at level 31+ with 2000+ Insect/Plant EXPReliability DE + Tailmon/Gatomon to Tylomon
Condition: Tail mon at level 27+ with 2200+ Aquan EXPCourage DE + Veemon to Flamedramon
Condition: Veemon at level 22+ with 2500+ Dragon EXPMiracles DE + Veemon to Magnamon
Condition: Veemon at level 40+ with 10000+ Holy EXPCourage DE + Wormmon to Shadramon
Condition: Wormmon at level 30+ with 6000+ Dark EXPLove DE + Wormmon to Owlmon
Condition: Wormmon at level 21+ with 110+ Spirit StatMiracles DE + Wormmon to Kongoumon
Wormmon at level 32+ with 190+ Attack Stat