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Disney Friends Cheats "Simba: Finding Flamingos at Winding River" (Nintendo DS)


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Simba: Finding Flamingos at Winding River

This adventure start when you enter the Winding River. You must blow into the microphone to navigate the leaf boat around the river. If the mast falls down from blowing too hard into the microphone, tap the leaf mast to raise it again. Tap the flamingos to collect all five of them. After all the flamingos are collected, the adventure is complete. Steer clear of rocks and hippos; they will stop the leaf boat and cause it to move in the opposite direction.

Final Adventure
Tinker Bell will ask you to retrieve four missing bags of fairy dust to restore her fading magic. Fairy Dust Bags for the following characters can be found at the corresponding locations:

Stitch - At the Ohana Fair to the right of Jumba's Space Chicken Booth
Dory - In the Coral Reef behind the Oyster by the Bubbling Fissure
Pooh - At the 100-Acre Wood in the far left corner behind the Giant Tree
Simba - In the Tall Grass Maze in the far right corner of the maze

This adventure is completed when all Fairy Dust Bags are found and you return to the Guardian Lounge. The doors will not open correctly; you must tap on random doors until you enter the desired world.

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