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Disney Friends Cheats "Winnie the Pooh: Honey Gathering at 100-Acre Wood" (Nintendo DS)


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Winnie the Pooh: Honey Gathering at 100-Acre Wood

This adventure startswhen you enter the 100-Acre Wood. You must shake the trees in the area to find five beehives. If you shake a tree that doesn't contain a beehive, you will disturb the bees and lose one of the beehives already collected. Once all five are collected, tap Eeyore to get a balloon for Pooh. The balloon is placed in your inventory. Remove it, hand it to Pooh, then blow in the microphone to make Pooh float to the top of the Big Tree. Tap the Beehive at the top of the tree before the bees pop Pooh's balloon. This adventure is completed when tapping the Giant Beehive. If you fail, tap Eeyore for another balloon in the same day.

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