Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 6

Unlockable Tag Monsters

In Dragon Quest VI you must activate Dreamsharing, while in Dragon Quest IX you must activate Tag Mode.

Mottle Slime - Tag Dragon Quest VI
Teeny Sanguini - Tag Dragon Quest IX
Malevolamp - Tag Dragon Quest VI
Noble Gasbagon - Tag Dragon Quest VI
Overkilling Machine - Tag Dragon Quest VI
Shogum - Tag Dragon Quest IX
Slime Stack - Tag Dragon Quest IX

Rating 2

Free Unlockable Monsters

You will receive a free Neutral monster in your monster pen when you reach a specific number of monsters, whether you scouted or synthesized them. As long as you owned the monster, it will count:

Drakularge - have owned 100 different monsters
Grandpa Slime - have owned 200 different monsters
Great Argon Lizard - have owned 50 different monsters
Metal King Slime - have owned 150 different monsters

Rating 2

Free Argogreat

Get 50 different owned monsters in the monster library to get a free Argogreat.