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Electroplankton Nintendo DS Cheats

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Audience Mode secrets

When you turn on the game, choose "Audience Mode". Use L or R to change which Electroplankton to see. Choose the "Volvoice" option, which distorts and changes the things you say. Make sure he is on regular and another distorted voice. Occasionally he will automatically say strange things.

2 years ago

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Hanenbow Electromasterpiece

-On the second stage of Hanenbow, do the following: set your launch leaf to 118 degrees, leave the top leaf at 90 degrees, move the top right leaf to 40 degrees, the middle right leaf to 43 degrees, the bottom right leaf to 42 degrees, the top left leaf to 138 degrees, and the bottom left leaf to 144 degrees. Afterwards, press D-PAD RIGHT until you are at max speed. You will cause a flower to bloom in moments.

-In Hanenbow, set the cannon leaf to 67 degrees and the top-left leaf to 123 degrees to get a flower in like 30 seconds. Alternately, set the top-left leaf to 128 degrees, top-right leaf to 45 degrees, middle left leaf to 135 degrees, middle-right leaf to 45 degrees, bottom-left leaf to 155 degrees, and the bottom-right leaf to 38 degrees. Afterwards, press RIGHT on the D-PAD to speed up the process.

2 years ago

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