Eragon Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 5

Durza strategy

-When fighting Durza the second time, use the stylus to move around when being fired upon. When Durza is in front of you, hold L or R. Durza can't shoot back while getting hit.

-Also, click the up arrow with "X to move out of the way faster. This also works with down, right, or left.

Rating 3

Dragon Rider Clash mini-game

To unlock the Dragon Rider Clash mini-game, fly through 30 rings during dragon flight missions.

Rating 2

Rock glitch

Go to Hadarac Desert after Eragon talks about Brom and you fight off the two enemies. From the starting point by Saphira, run northeast until you come across a big rock. In front of it there'll be an Eragon-sized rock, a small rock, and some grass. Move foward so that Eragon is facing the front side of the rocks, then jump. If done correctly, Eragon will either float in mid-air or just float down slowly. If you double-jump, Eragon might go inside the big rock. Once done, you cannot get back out and must quit the game or turn off the power to exit from it.

Rating 0

Mind Touch mini-game

To unlock the Mind Touch mini-game, draw symbols on the touch screen after Eragon's first discussion with Saphira.