Etrian Odyssey 2: Heroes Of Lagaard Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 3

Background music

To unlock the "BGM" option, beat the game.

Rating 1

Town Crown

To unlock the Town Crown, which adds HP +15, TP +15, and All Stats +2, enter the following password:


Rating 1

Beast class

To unlock the Beast class, defeat the fifth floor Boss, then return to where you met Kurogane, and he will give you the Trust Band. Then, go to the Explorer Guild with it.

Rating 1

Unlockable Items

Unlock the following items by performing the corresponding tasks:

Brute Wing - Kill Chimarea while it is poisoned
Cut Quill - Kill Harupia while she is poisoned
Red Claws - Kill Hellion with Death status (Issen, Climax)
Red Spine - Kill Colossus without bashing it (no bash element attacks)
Snow Bone - Kill Scylla in five or less turns

Rating 0

Easy Entai hint

To easily gain Entai, recruit or create five new members and add them all to your party at once. Unequip the weapons and armors they are wearing, then dismiss all five of the newly created people. Go to the shop, and sell the weapons and armor that you just unequipped. They are worth 10 Entai each, for a total of 100 Entai. Repeat as desired.