Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring Of Fates Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 6

Completion bonus

-Complete the game and save it unlock New Game+ mode. Start New Game+ mode, and complete the second Varl Mountain event to unlock a bonus dungeon.

-Complete New Game + to unlock New Game ++.

Rating 6

Ride dragon during Kilanda Isle Boss fight

During the first phase of the fight, attack the man riding the dragon to make him fall off. The saddle of the dragon will then begin to glow. Jump on and take control of the dragon. Note: the D-pad control his movement, and [Attack] sends out a fireball. Be careful since the rider can kick you off the saddle and regain control.

Rating 5

Carry items and attack

Whenever you pick up an item, such as a key to a door, face the north wall. Toss the item at the wall and it will land on top of you, allowing you to attack and carry that item at the same time. If you wish to grab that item again, press the Y. You will pick up the item that is on top of your character.

Rating 3

Unlockable Difficulties

To unlock Hard difficulty, beat the game. To unlock Very Hard difficulty, beat the game on Hard difficulty.

Rating 3

Stat bonus hints

-Since Stat Bonuses from refined equipment are random, it is recommended that you save the game before refining and reset the game until you get the desired bonuses.

Depending on your equipment, certain gems tend to give certain bonuses. For example, Onyx used to refine an Underworld Bow will almost always give you HP Absorb Attack/SP Absorb Attack. At the same time, certain equipment is preset to give certain bonuses when refined. For example, Dark Kitty Hood or Cloak will almost always give you Smart Riches when refined. Higher level equipment gives multiple stat bonuses.

-During most Boss battles in multiplayer mode, you may find and pick up a Phoenix Down, which saves your partners from having to revive you. Note: Not all areas or Boss fights have them, such as the first Crystal Temple boss fight against Chappy, the masked Lunite with the cloak.

Rating 2

Attack faster with a Lility

To attack faster with a Lility, hold the D-pad in the direction you are fighting and press A.

Rating 2

Restock Mog Shop in Multiplay

When you go to Rebena Te Ra, buy out everything in the Mog Shop. To get to the Mog Shop, go up the steps leading to the Crystal Temple, but do not go in. Instead, jump in the upper-right direction before you pass the guard. You will see a Moogle at a shop stand. This is the Mog Shop. Buy everything, and when everything is sold out, do a quest. After completing the quest, check the Mog Shop again. There should be more items in the shop. If you run out of quests to do, complete an easy dungeon, such as the Valley of Heroes. Keep doing this as many times as desired. The Mog Shop will never run out of items to restock.

Rating 1

Al strategy

As a Selkie, when revisiting Mount Vaal in Story mode (the second boss battle of Mount Vaal), you will encounter Al instead of the giant bird. Back up into the south corner as far as possible from Al and turn around. Al cannot attack you from there. Repeatedly jump and shoot to take him out without getting hurt. If timed correctly, you can hit Al at the top of a single jump, which is faster than double jumping every shot.

Rating 1

Falling damage glitches

-Randomly (occurs more often when using Selkies) the game will fail to detect a floor or a wall and your character might fall through the actual floor and "plunge down". You will emerge again damaged, as if you had just fallen into a pit fall (for example, water, lava, cliff, etc.).

-During the Abyssus Forest Boss battle, there is a glitch where you may become stuck, poisoned repeatedly, and killed.

Rating 1

Valley Of Heroes Boss strategy

If you are a Selkie, keep a distance away from the boss after the intermission sequence ends. As soon as he starts charging for a laser beam attack, approach him and hop onto his back, then double jump onto his tail. If timed correctly, you can get in several hits on the crystal at the end of his tail. Repeat until he is defeated.

Rating 0

Mog inventory hint

If you pick up a Mog instead of talking to him, he will fly around in a circle and drop items or Magicites that disappear quickly. These are items or Magicites that you didn't pick up during game play. The Mog inventory holds up to 64 items, and the oldest item will be replaced as new items go in. The Mog inventory is also shared by the entire game (including Story and Multiplay mode) between all characters. Thus, if you have a high level character who does not pick up his or her drops, a low level character can use the Mog to get them.

Rating 0

Reach higher areas

If there is a high ledge that you could not normally reach without a Selkie, just drop Magicite from your pockets. Pick up each Magicite and pile it on top of one another. Make sure not to throw the Magicite or the one on the bottom of the stack will detonate.

Rating 0

Old Town Boss strategy

Immediately after the intermission sequence, cast Thunder on the Behemoth to cause him to fall over onto his back, exposing the crystal. Attack it and repeat this until he is defeated.