Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring Of Fates Nintendo DS Cheats

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Stat bonus hints

-Since Stat Bonuses from refined equipment are random, it is recommended that you save the game before refining and reset the game until you get the desired bonuses.

Depending on your equipment, certain gems tend to give certain bonuses. For example, Onyx used to refine an Underworld Bow will almost always give you HP Absorb Attack/SP Absorb Attack. At the same time, certain equipment is preset to give certain bonuses when refined. For example, Dark Kitty Hood or Cloak will almost always give you Smart Riches when refined. Higher level equipment gives multiple stat bonuses.

-During most Boss battles in multiplayer mode, you may find and pick up a Phoenix Down, which saves your partners from having to revive you. Note: Not all areas or Boss fights have them, such as the first Crystal Temple boss fight against Chappy, the masked Lunite with the cloak.