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Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light Cheats "Easy Gems hint" (Nintendo DS)


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Easy Gems hint

Upgrading weapons in Urebeth can be difficult when you don't have many gems to spare, but here's how you can.When Jusqua goes out to Invidia on his own, have him wear the Merchant crown, and sail south until you reach a small beach near the mountains. This will give you access to Liberte again, as well as the low level random battles around it. Take advantage of the low level monsters, as now you can use 'Finder' and 'Keeper' without worrying about health levels reaching too low. Usually you only get one extra Ruby, Topaz, or Emerald gem, but occasionally you find rarer gems like: Aquamarine, and Amethyst. When you feel like you can go one step higher, try this in the whirlpool at night, as the monsters do a bit more damage there. Keep it up to eventually get all the gems you could ask for.

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