Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes Of Light Nintendo DS Cheats

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Four Final Crowns

The four final crowns are located at the tops of four towers:

Tower 1 - North of Horne, and the Witches manor.
Tower 2 - Look on the map, in the water area, south of Invidia and north of Tower 1, there is Tower 2, you'll have to take your ship to get to it.
Tower 3 - Located in the town of Liberte, on your boat at the northern most part of the town
Tower 4 - Located on the landmass in the north-east around Spelvia.

Every tower is locked by gold locks that take a key that you receive from Rolan late in the game.

The four secret crowns are:

Special Ability: Encounter fewer enemies
The abilities you'll learn as you level up the crown allow you to better evade your enemies.

Special Ability: Enhance the effects of white and black Magic
The abilities you'll learn as you level up the crown will allow you to lower the cost of Black AND white magic by 1

Special Ability: Grow more powerful the more time you spend playing
The abilities you'll learn as you level up the crown will be based on time damage dealt by the time you've played, healing allies health based on crown levels, etc...


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Easy Gems hint

Upgrading weapons in Urebeth can be difficult when you don't have many gems to spare, but here's how you can.When Jusqua goes out to Invidia on his own, have him wear the Merchant crown, and sail south until you reach a small beach near the mountains. This will give you access to Liberte again, as well as the low level random battles around it. Take advantage of the low level monsters, as now you can use 'Finder' and 'Keeper' without worrying about health levels reaching too low. Usually you only get one extra Ruby, Topaz, or Emerald gem, but occasionally you find rarer gems like: Aquamarine, and Amethyst. When you feel like you can go one step higher, try this in the whirlpool at night, as the monsters do a bit more damage there. Keep it up to eventually get all the gems you could ask for.

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Earning the Beastmaster Crown

The beastmaster crown is pretty hard to acquire without a good sense of mathematics. It is in Invidia. Go to the girl who offers the math mini-game, and play the game. If you score over 250 points, she will commend you and the crystal will bestow the Beastmaster crown upon you. To earn above 250 points is quite hard. Scoring big points (in general) can be easy when you use this example to the best of you abilities:

Say you have the numbers: 3, 7, 9, and 9. Add the 3 and 7 to make 10 prematurely, then multiply the 10 by 9, subsequently dividing by 9 to once again get a total of 10. Doing this will use all four numbers given, and will give you a nice 110 points (based on the totals in the longer equation - in this case: 10, 90, and 10). Any combination where you can make 10 before using the twinned high numbers works great. since 250 divided by 3 is 83 and a third, you would need at least 84 points (averaged over the full three rounds) per round to get the crown.

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Storyteller's Abilities

The following is what the Storyteller Crown unlocks:

Lv 1 upgrade - All Lv 1 upgrade abilities that you have already unlocked.
Lv 2 upgrade - All Lv 2 upgrade abilities that you have already unlocked.
Lv 3 upgrade - All Lv 3 upgrade abilities that you have already unlocked.

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Development team

After Jusqua rejoins your party, go outside of Liberte and wait for it to become night. Walk around and enter a random encounter, then allow your party to be killed. After getting revived in Liberte, town will now be festive. Speak with the NPCS to meet the development team.

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Belphegor strategy

Have the following characters for this strategy:

Brandt (Ranger)
The only reason I have him as a ranger is because he's my most powerful character with a bow (fully upgraded in Urbeth). You can use him as a White Mage (recommended if you're having trouble) but he needs the Cure and Raise spell.

Jusqua (Black Mage)
Jusqua needs only three spells: Blizzard, Aero, and Fire magic are NECESSARY!!! If you're feeling lucky with your AP amounts, bring the -ga versions of the spells (Firaga, Blizzaga, and Aeroga).

Yunita (Bard)
She must have leveled up the Bard crown at least once so she has Motet and Ditty (I can't remember which one she learns from leveling the crown, but Motet is the only one that you need). She will also need the Cure and Raise spells.

Aire (White Mage)

She's the tough one, I found that having her White mage crown at maximum helps because she learns the ability "Miracle" Which fully heals and removes all status effects (Except death!) from your characters. But it's a costly 5 AP, but helps if multiple characters need healing and status effects removed. She needs to have the Healthgiver ability, Cure spell, Curaga Spell, Esuna Spell, and Arise spell.

Then, do the following:

Brandt - Start with boost, next turn Cure, next turn Cure again, repeat.
Yunita - Start with Motet, next turn Cure, next turn boost, Motet should have run out by now so repeat.
Jusqua - Start with Blizzard, next turn opposing element, next turn use the opposing element, repeat.
Aire - Start with Healthgiver, next turn Cure, next turn Healthgiver, repeat.

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Unlockable Crowns

Unlock the following crowns by performing the corresponding tasks:

Alchemist - In Tower of the Sky, defeat Beelzebub.
Bandit - In Animal Burrow, allow Ogre Bear to win.
Bard - In Animal Burrow, allow Ogre Bear to win.
Beastmaster - In Invidia, win 257 or more points in the math mini-game.
Black Mage - In Quicksand Castle, defeat Sand Devil.
Dancer - In Overworld with Cestus, defeat Leviathan.
Dark Fencer - In Magic Laboratory, defeat Satan.
Elementalist - In Arbor's Great Tree, defeat Arbaroc.
Fighter - In Invidia Underground, defeat Ice Dragon.
Freelancer - Available by default.
Hero - In Spelvia's Throne Room, defeat Rolan.
Merchant - In Urbeth, defeat Demon.
Monk - In Mount Gulg, defeat Belphegor.
Musician - In Liberte Wireless Shop, purchase the Music Score for 2,500 Gil.
Paladin - In Rolan's Soul, defeat Lucifer.
Party Host - In Spelvia's Throne Room, defeat Rolan.
Ranger - In Arbor's Great Tree, defeat Arbaroc.
Salve-maker - In Urbeth, defeat Demon.
Scholar - In Invidia Underground, defeat Ice Dragon.
Seamstress - In Urbeth Weapon Shop, get 20,000 Gil by selling at the counter.
Shaman - In Sun Temple, defeat Mammon.
Spell Fencer - In Quicksand Castle, defeat Asmodeus.
Wayfarer - In Witch's Mansion, defeat Greaps.
White Mage - In Quicksand Castle, defeat Sand Devil.