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Giana Sisters Cheats "Unlockable Stages" (Nintendo DS)


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Unlockable Stages

Unlock the following stages by performing the corresponding tasks:

Stage 8-10 - Complete the game without losing all your lives (do not have the "Game Over" screen appear). This is a large level that is made up of all 32 levels from the original Giana Sisters.
Stage 9-1 - Complete the game without using any continues.
Stage 9-2 - Complete stage 9-1.
Stage 10 - Collect all the red diamonds in a world to unlock stage 10 in each world.
Stage X-1 - Use the warp block located directly above the starting position in stage 4-3. Note: Use bubble gum to get there.
Stage X-2 - Reach the first checkpoint flower in stage 6-7. Continue to the right until you find a bazooka bee. Bounce off its back to find the warp block to stage X-2.

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