Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 5

Stop, drop, and roll

When set on fire, just remember what you learned in elementary school, "Stop, Drop, and Roll!" Simply press Y and you'll put out the flames.

Rating 4

Infinite sprint

To unlock infinite sprint, beat all five Paramedic missions with 100% lives saved.

Rating 4

"Here Be Dragons!" message hint

If you take a boat to any corner of the map, the message "Here Be Dragons!" message will be on the ocean floor.

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes during gameplay while outside of a safehouse. Note - Enabling a code will disable the autosave feature.

Extra armor - L(2), R, B(2), A(2), R.
Extra health and armor - L(2), R, A(2), B(2), R. Note - Enabling this code while in a vehicle will repair it.
Weapon tier 1 - R, UP, B, DOWN, LEFT, R, B, RIGHT (minigun, nightstick, Desert Eagle pistol, stubby assault rifle, mini SMG, stubby shotgun, and grenades)
Weapon tier 2 - R, UP, A, DOWN, LEFT, R, A, RIGHT (mini flamethrower, taser, dual Desert Eagle pistols, assault rifle, SMG, double barrel shotgun, and Molotov cocktails)
Weapon tier 3 - R, UP, Y, DOWN, LEFT, R, Y, RIGHT (big flamethrower, chainsaw, revolver, assault rifle, SMG, double barrel shotgun, and proximity mines)
Weapon tier 4 - R, UP, X, DOWN, LEFT, R, X, RIGHT (rocket launcher, stubby assault rifle, baseball bat, Desert Eagle pistol, mini SMG, stubby shotgun, and flashbang grenades)
Explosive pistol rounds - L, R, X, Y, A, B, UP, DOWN. To disable this code, enter it a second time.
Increase wanted level - L(2), R, Y(2), X(2), R.
Decrease wanted level by one star - R, X(2), Y(2), R, L(2).
Sunny weather - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A, B, L, R.
Very sunny weather - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, B, X, L, R.
Cloudy weather - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, X, Y, L, R.
Rainy weather - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, Y, A, L, R.
Thunderstorm weather - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A, X, R, L.
Hurricane weather - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, B, Y, R, L.
Foggy weather - UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, Y, B, R, L.

Rating 3

Fire Immunity

To unlock immunity to fire, beat the Firefighter missions with a "Gold" rank.

Rating 3

Unlockable Vehicles

Unlock the following vehicles at the Baobo auto dealer by performing the corresponding tasks:

500 XLR8 - Get a Bronze or better medal in all Algonquin races.
Banshee - Beat the "Weapons Of Mass Destruction" mission.
Bulldozer - Beat the "Counterfeit Gangster" mission.
Cityscape - Get a Bronze or better medal in all time trials.
Cognoscetti - Beat the "Grave Situation" mission.
Comet - Beat the "Jackin Chan" mission.
Coquette - Beat the "Raw Deal" mission.
Formula R - Get a Bronze or better medal in all street races.
Go-Kart - Get a Bronze or better medal in all Go-Kart time trials.
Hearse - Beat the "Wheelman" mission.
Hellenbach - Beat the "Bomb Disposal" mission.
Infernus - Beat the "Cash & Burn" mission.
Limo - Beat all of Guy's missions.
MK GT9 - Get a Bronze or better medal in all Broker and Dukes races.
NRG 900 - Beat the "Wheelman" mission.
Patriot - Beat the "Wheelman" mission.
Resolution X - Beat the "Pimp His Ride" mission.
Rhino - Beat all story missions.
Sabre GT - Beat the "Operation Northwood" mission.
Style SR - Get a Bronze or better medal in all Bohan races.

Rating 3

Wetscapade mini-game

To play the Wetscapade mini-game which is hidden beside a small dock between Lancet and Colony Island, find the drug dealer near the water's edge in Lancet. From his position, walk towards the water, and you will fall onto the vehicle and the mini-game will commence.

Rating 3

Grand Theft Auto 4 easter egg

Walk across the street from the South Bohan safehouse acquired from Kenny, then look at the walls of the building there to find some graffiti featuring a picture of Manny and his name.

Rating 3

Super acceleration

To accelerate faster, while your car is not moving, hold A + Y. Release Y, and you wheels will burnout causing your car to quickly accelerate.

Rating 2


To get the Go-Kart, go to the bottom right corner of the first island, then go all the way down to the bottom until you reach the last house. Then, go three houses to the right an go into the back garden to find the Go-Kart.

Rating 2

Easy "Store Wars" mission

To easily complete the "Store Wars" mission, enter a police car and log onto the computer. Search for an arson crime. Do the Vigilante mission, and after killing criminals, pick up their flame throwers. Start the "Store Wars" mission and quickly park two cars at each end to make it difficulty for the vans to get past. Let the vans drive towards you, equip the flamethrower, and hold A for two seconds to easily make the vans explode.

Rating 2

Gold medal for weapons

To get a gold medal for a specific weapon, score 10,000 with that weapon.

Rating 1

Unlockable Xin Missions

Unlock the following missions by performing the corresponding tasks:

"Deadly Xin" mission - Unlock the Diamond Pillbox, Golden Binoculars, Jeweled Bong, Jeweled Key To The City, Platinum Syringe, Silver Titanium Briefcase, and Wooden Spoon trophies. Find the two hidden Lions of Fo. Register online at the Rockstar Social Club, then sync your DS with your account through WiFi. You will receive an email from Xin.

"Xin's Of The Father" mission - Beat the "Deadly Xin" mission with no wanted level.

Rating 1

Ammu-nation store discount

To receive a discount at the Ammu-nation store, earn Gold medals on every weapon at the gun club.

Rating 1

Avoid paying tolls

To avoid paying tolls, when approaching a toll booth on a bridge, press X to exit your car. Your car should pass through the booth. Just re-enter the car on the other side of the toll booth.

Rating 1

Health Regeneration

To unlock health regeneration, beat both noodle delivery missions with a "Gold" rank.

Rating 1

Avoid hotwiring cars

To steal cars with avoiding to have to hotwire them, enter the car, then immediately exit and re-enter. You will be able to start the car.

Rating 1

Quickly extinguish yourself

To quickly extinguish yourself, blow into the microphone.

Rating 1

Better body armor

To unlock an improved body armor, beat all five Vigilante mission levels with a 100% kill rate.

Rating 0

Unlockable Trophies

Unlock the following trophies that will appear at your apartment by performing the corresponding tasks:

Diamond Pillbox - Deal 30 downers.
Gold Medal - Score 10,000 for a weapon.
Golden Binoculars - Discover 40 drug dealers.
Jeweled Bong - Deal 30 weed.
Jeweled Key To The City - Own all 21 safehouses.
Platinum Syringe - Purchase 5 heroin.
Silver Safe - Gain a $2,000 drug profit.
Titanium Briefcase - Discover all 80 drug dealers.
Wooden Spoon - Lose $500 in drug deals.

Rating 0

Burning burnout

To perform a burnout that can burn people behind you, enter a fast car or motorcycle. Hold Y + B, then hold Left or Right to perform a spinning burnout. Release Y + B for a speed boosted start with a wheelie. Your burning tire tracks will burn the people behind you.

Rating 0

Upgraded delivery bag

To unlock an upgraded delivery bag, beat both mail courier missions with a "Gold" rank.

Rating 0

Bulletproof taxis

To activate bulletproof taxis, drop off 15 consecutive passenger without the timer running out.