Horsez Nintendo DS Cheats

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Dressage Figures

Medium walk - S
Medium trot - V
Medium gallop - G 

Rating 1


Do not gallop at full speed while on the cross country or jumps course; it will lower the horse's health.

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Horse care hint

When washing your horse, make sure you do not wash their face or else their health will go down. When you are mucking, put its stall. Spread out as much of the shavings as you can. Always choose the blue brush when you are cleaning your horse's body, making sure that you get all the dirt off. Then, use the silver comb to brush its mane. When you are all done on that side, do the same on the other side. When you are cleaning the hooves, be careful not to touch the horseshoe or else it's health will go down.

Rating 1

Week one popularity

Talk to Elisa and Antoine, then walk to the library to find out it is locked. Walk to the girls' dormitory hallway and talk to the Foreman to find out you are not locked in. Return to the Chat Room and talk to Antoine, asking for his sandwich. Go to the Lecture Room and talk to the Principal to get the key. Retrieve the book from the computer table and bring it to Antoine, then accept the cheese sandwich. Bring the cheese sandwich to the Foreman,  then walk into Elisa's room and get the stationary, which is on the far back table. Return to the Chat Room and give Elisa the stationary.