Itadaki Street DS Nintendo DS Cheats

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Unlockable Free Play Mode Characters

Unlock the following characters for play in Free Play mode by defeating the corresponding characters in the specified stages:

Birdo - Defeat Birdo in Luigi's stage 1.
Donkey Kong - Defeat Donkey Kong in Plob's stage 1.
Dragon Lord - Defeat Dragon Lord in stage 9.
Koopa - Defeat Koopa in final stage.
Luigi - Defeat Luigi in Yoshi's stage.
Plob - Defeat Plob in Slime's stage.
Waluigi - Defeat Waluigi in Wario's stage 2.
Wario - Defeat Wario in Luigi's stage 2.

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BGM option

To unlock the "BGM" option in the "Collection" menu, beat all stages.