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Izuna 2: The Unemployed Ninja Returns Nintendo DS Cheats

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Unlockable Dungeons

Complete the main storyline to unlock the following dungeons at the corresponding locations:

Girls Only dungeon - Located at the shrine near Himiko.
Mugen Chasm dungeon - Located where Shizune ran to.
No Item dungeon - Located at Surei Town. The Gankatsu talisman is required.

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General Hints

  • 1. Press Y to organize your entire inventory while it's open.
  • 2. When you don't have a tag, go to a hallway and fight them one at a time.
  • 3. You can stick kikans on your weapons so you won't lose them if you die suddenly.

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Unlockable Characters

Complete the main storyline, then talk to the following characters at the corresponding locations:

Gen-An - ???
Himiko - Kamairi Village
Hinagiku - Mugen City
Ichika - Surei Town. You must first unlock the No Item dungeon.
Suzuri - Kamairi Village

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