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Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight Cheats "Unlockable Characters" (Nintendo DS)

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Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by beating the corresponding missions in Ventara mode with the specified characters. An "EX" mission is available at the end of each level. Beat an EX mission to unlock the character you fought in that particular mission. Also, some characters can unlock multiple riders or enemies.

Axe - Beat Mission 3-5 with Sting.
Blue Minion - Beat Mission 9-5 with Wrath.
Buzzstinger Bee - Beat Mission 4-5 with Axe.
Buzzstinger Bloom - Beat Mission 4-5 with Camo.
Buzzstinger Frost - Beat Mission 6-5 with Spear.
Buzzstinger Hornet - Beat Mission 2-5 with Sting.
Buzzstinger Wasp - Beat Mission 8-5 with Thrust.
Camo - Beat Mission 4-5 with Thrust.
DiSpider - Beat Mission 3-5 with Onyx.
Incisor - Beat Mission 3-5 with Dragon Knight.
Megazelle - Beat Mission 7-5 with Spear.
Onyx - Beat Mission 8-5 with Siren.
Red Minion - Beat Mission 1-5 with Incisor.
Siren - Beat Mission 7-5 with Strike.
Spear - Beat Mission 6-5 with Camo.
Sting - Beat Mission 3-5 with Incisor.
Strike - Beat Mission 7-5 with Torque.
Thrust - Beat Mission 4-5 with Incisor.
Torque - Beat Mission 4-5 with Wing Knight.
White Minion - Beat Mission 9-5 with Sting.
Wrath - Beat Mission 8-5 with Onyx.
Xaviax - Beat all missions in Ventara mode with all characters.
Zebraskull Bronze - Beat Mission 6-5 with Siren.
Zebraskull Iron - Beat Mission 2-5 with Axe.

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