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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Cheats "Dustflier strategy" (Nintendo DS)


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Dustflier strategy

The Dustflierto, one of the strongest bosses in the game, must be defeated to fill the Mission Gauge of the "Kill At Least Six Giant Heartless" mission. Try to stay locked-on during combat and run quickly from it when it started to fly and stomp the ground. This move is often a one-hit kill and causes status ailments or bad statuses. It has a massive HP and is immune to any magic. Attack and run as you can while dodging all of his attacks. Be sure to equip the Zero Gear with two Ability Units, two Power Units, and one Guard or Magic Unit. Also, have fifteen Megalixirs, five Cures, five Curas and five Curagas. If you are strong enough, you should eventually win the battle with this strategy.

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