Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 7

Poison Plants strategy

Poison plants are very weak against Fire elemental moves so equip enough Fire magic in your panels slot.

Rating 6

Dustflier strategy

The Dustflierto, one of the strongest bosses in the game, must be defeated to fill the Mission Gauge of the "Kill At Least Six Giant Heartless" mission. Try to stay locked-on during combat and run quickly from it when it started to fly and stomp the ground. This move is often a one-hit kill and causes status ailments or bad statuses. It has a massive HP and is immune to any magic. Attack and run as you can while dodging all of his attacks. Be sure to equip the Zero Gear with two Ability Units, two Power Units, and one Guard or Magic Unit. Also, have fifteen Megalixirs, five Cures, five Curas and five Curagas. If you are strong enough, you should eventually win the battle with this strategy.

Rating 5

Theater mode

Complete the game to unlock Theater mode, which allows you to replay the game's cinematics.

Rating 3

Secret reports

Complete missions to unlock hidden reports. Hold A while viewing diary entries to see these.

Rating 2

Unlockable Freebies Items

Unlock the following items at the shop under "Freebies" by collecting the corresponding amounts of crowns from completing missions in Mission and Multiplayer mode:

Adamanite X2 (material) - 180 Crowns
Aero X3 (magic) - 25 Crowns
Aeroga (magic) - 130 Crowns
Aerora X3 (magic) - 80 Crowns
Blizzara X2 (magic) - 40 Crowns
Blizzard X3 (magic) - 15 Crowns
Crimson Blood (ring) - 160 Crowns
Cura X2 (magic) - 35 Crowns
Elixir X10 - 70 Crowns
Ether X10 - 8 Crowns
Guard Unit (L) - 240 Crowns
Hi-Ether X10 - 55 Crowns
Hi-Potion X10 - 50 Crowns
Lift Gear+ (3) (weapon) - 10 Crowns
Limit recharge X5 - 75 Crowns
LV Doubler (6) - 260 Crowns
LV Quadrupler (3) - 220 Crowns
Magic unit (L) - 190 Crowns
Master's Circle (ring) - 358 Crowns
Mega-Ether X10 - 100 Crowns
Mega-potion X10 - 90 Crowns
Megalixir X5 - 120 Crowns
Mystery Gear (3) (weapon) - 60 Crowns
Panacea X10 - 30 Crowns
Potion X10 - 5 Crowns
Power Unit (L) - 170 Crowns
Premium Orb (material) - 140 Crowns
Rune Ring (ring) - 200 Crowns
Sliding Dash LV+ (L) - 150 Crowns
Slot Releaser - 65 Crowns
Slot Releaser - 20 Crowns
Slot releaser - 280 Crowns
Slot Releaser - 45 Crowns
Slot Releaser - 85 Crowns
Slot Releaser - 1 Crown
Ultimate Gear (6) (weapon) - 110 Crowns
Valor Gear+ (2) (weapon) - 2 Crowns

Rating 2

Unlockable Synthesis Moogle Items

Unlock the following items from the Synthesis Moogle by collecting the corresponding amounts of Sigils from the Holo-Mission challenges:

Casual Gear (2) - 15 Sigils
Cure X3 - 25 Sigils
Fira X2 - 45 Sigils
Fira X3 - 20 Sigils
Glide (5) - 150 Sigils
Glide Lv+ (L) - 170 Sigils
Haste - 10 Sigils
Haste (3) - 100 Sigils
Haste Lv+ (L) - 200 Sigils
Haste Lv+ L - 110 Sigils
Level Up - 210 Sigils
Level Up - 140 Sigils
Level Up - 230 Sigils
Level Up - 90 Sigils
LV Doubler (6) - 180 Sigils
LV Tripler (4) - 220 Sigils
Omega Gear - 160 Sigils
Phantom Gear+ (4) - 70 Sigils
Rage Gear (5) - 120 Sigils
Slot Releaser - 190 Sigils
Slot Releaser - 240 Sigils
Slot Releaser - 130 Sigils
Slot Releaser - 5 Sigils
Slot Releaser - 80 Sigils
Slot Releaser - 50 Sigils
Slot Releaser - 30 Sigils
Thundara X2 - 60 Sigils
Thundara X3 - 35 Sigils
Ultima Weapon - 255 Sigils
Wild Gear+ (3) - 40 Sigils

Rating 1


Unlock the following characters in Mission mode by performing the corresponding tasks:

Donald - Get promoted to Expert.
Goofy - Get promoted to Master.
King Mickey - Beat the game, then purchase the Return Of The King item from the Moogle Shop.
Riku - Get promoted to Agent.
Sora - Beat all missions with a 100% game completion, then purchase the Soul Of Sora item from the Moogle Shop.
Xion - Get promoted to Rookie.

Rating 1

Free organization items

Talk to every of the organizations in the Grey Area after completing a mission to occasionally receive free items or new quests. The items are sometimes rare, such as Diamonds.

Rating 1

Zip Slasher strategy

Equip enough Potions on your panels slot before starting the mission "Collect Hearts in Twilight Town". This mission requires you to kill all of the Dire Plants in the mansion area and defeat a strong heartless, Zip Slasher, in order to fill the mission gauge completely. After eliminating all of the Dire Plants in the mansion area, get out from the woods. A caution sign will appear to tell you that a strong Heartless is near. Defeat a weak Shadow in front of you, then go to the big alley (the entrance is between two houses) where the tram is stopped to find Zip Slasher. He has great health and defense, a strong attack, and is immune to Fire magic. Instead of attacking him first, get away from him and let Marluxia slash him until he does his only attacking move, Spin and Stab (first he spins with his knuckles blades then stabs with his weapon). This move does insane damage. After the Spin and Stab, he will start standing like a statue (not moving at all and probably recharging his attacks). Unleash a barrage of Keyblades slashing strikes until he guards his body with his knuckles blades. When he does this, immediately run away from him before you get hit by a Spin and Stab. After he does his strike, attack him again with your keyblades and run away quickly when he defends himself with his blades. Repeat until you win. Note: Whenever Marluxia's health falls to 50%, he will use Curaga, which heals you too.

Rating 0

Challenge missions

To unlock Challenge missions, collect the Ordeal Badges and Ordeal Blazons.

Rating 0

Limit Pass

To unlock the "Limit Pass" in the Moogle shop for purchase, beat all Mission mode missions with a "Gold Crown" rank. This item allows you to customize limits in Mission mode.

Rating 0

Joke weapons hint

Almost every character (with the exception of Riku, Mickey, Sora, Donald, and Goofy) has a"joke weapon" you can unlock by collecting 15 Challenge Tokens. Go to the Moogle shop and click "redeem" to buy the weapons.

Rating 0

Dual-wielding Roxas

To dual wield with Roxas, beat the game, then purchase the Zero Gear from the Moogle Shop. Equip it on Roxas in Mission mode, then add three Ability Units.

Rating 0

Unlockable Keychains

Find the following keychains by performing the corresponding tasks:

Kingdom Key / Basic Keyblade - Receive just before fight with Darkside for second time.
Jungle King / Second Keychain you receive - Beat Clayton and seal the Keyhole in Deep Jungle.
Three Wishes / Third Keychain - Defeat Genie Jafar and seal the Keyhole in Agrabah.
Wishing Star - After leaving Monstro, go back to Traverse Town and talk to Pinocchio in the house down the street from the synthesis shop.
Spellbinder - Get all types of spells and talk to Merlin.
Crabclaw - Defeat Ruler of the Seas fight with Ursula in Atlantica and seal the Keyhole. Ariel will give you the Keychain as a thanks.
Pumpkinhead - Defeat Oogie House in Halloween Town and Seal the keyhole under it. You will receive soon after.
Fairyharp - Defeat Captain Hook in Neverland and Fix the clock to seal the Keyhole. It will give it to you afterward.
Metal Chocobo - Defeat Cloud In the Hercules Cup.
Olympia - Complete the Hercules Cup.
Oblivion - A chest in a highrise in the room where you fight Riku the final time in Hollow Bastion.
Oathkeeper - Promise to bring Kairi's charm back after she save syou from being a Heartless. Find her in the secret waterway. Talk to her. And on the menu, if you look closely, her charm is the keychain!
Ultima - Find the recipe somewhere.