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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Cheats "Unlockable Keychains" (Nintendo DS)


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Unlockable Keychains

Find the following keychains by performing the corresponding tasks:

Kingdom Key / Basic Keyblade - Receive just before fight with Darkside for second time.
Jungle King / Second Keychain you receive - Beat Clayton and seal the Keyhole in Deep Jungle.
Three Wishes / Third Keychain - Defeat Genie Jafar and seal the Keyhole in Agrabah.
Wishing Star - After leaving Monstro, go back to Traverse Town and talk to Pinocchio in the house down the street from the synthesis shop.
Spellbinder - Get all types of spells and talk to Merlin.
Crabclaw - Defeat Ruler of the Seas fight with Ursula in Atlantica and seal the Keyhole. Ariel will give you the Keychain as a thanks.
Pumpkinhead - Defeat Oogie House in Halloween Town and Seal the keyhole under it. You will receive soon after.
Fairyharp - Defeat Captain Hook in Neverland and Fix the clock to seal the Keyhole. It will give it to you afterward.
Metal Chocobo - Defeat Cloud In the Hercules Cup.
Olympia - Complete the Hercules Cup.
Oblivion - A chest in a highrise in the room where you fight Riku the final time in Hollow Bastion.
Oathkeeper - Promise to bring Kairi's charm back after she save syou from being a Heartless. Find her in the secret waterway. Talk to her. And on the menu, if you look closely, her charm is the keychain!
Ultima - Find the recipe somewhere.

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