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Kirby: Canvas Curse Cheats "Drawcia Sorceress and Drawcia Soul strategies" (Nintendo DS)


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Drawcia Sorceress and Drawcia Soul strategies

-The final battle begins with you battling the Drawcia Sorceress. She floats around the room during the battle and is easy to defeat if you study her attacks. One of her attacks is where she jumps across the arena in an attempt to smash you. If you are on the opposite side of the arena, it is easily avoided. Simply roll to the other side of the arena immediately after she jumps. If you are on the same side of the arena as her, quickly roll away from her immediately when you see her lower to the ground to jump, then roll back quickly. Another attack is where she launches high into the air before charging back down to smash you. When you see her launch into the air, immediately roll to a corner in the part of the room opposite of where she flew.

She will also create enemies (and sometimes spikes and bombs) from paintings, then fly away (just as she did before the Boss battles). When she draws enemies, kill them to make her return. Touch the bombs until they are all gone. For the spikes, watch the ground and when you see dots of dirt flying up from a specific areas, it indicates where it will pop up. She will also shoot a big beam from her rear. Draw a line in front of the blast to deflect it back toward her, which will stun her and cause her to fall to the ground. Dash at her to damage her. Repeat until she is defeated. Note: Try to constantly stay on the opposite side of the room from her.

When the Drawcia Sorceress is defeated, she transforms into the Drawcia Soul, a big glob of paint. She will stay in the background, attacking you from a distance with more attacks than the Sorceress. The first attack is where she will bounce at you to try and smash you. Avoid it by watching where she is rolling and roll away. For her second attack, she will shoot pods at you from a distance. If you don't touch them in time, they turn into a fireball, iceball, or laser beam. If they turn into attacks, simply roll away. She will also  turn to pieces and fall down on you in the form of colorful meteors. Yet another attack is where she transports to where you are located and makes rainbow things come out of a little crack in her back, which then surround her. Stay away from her to avoid it and draw lines to protect yourself. Finally, she will occasionally charge at you as a fireball. When the sky turns red, immediately guide yourself to the top screen to avoid it. To defeat her, when the pods open and reveal an eye, tap them with the stylus to launch them back at her. When she transports to you, tap her to hurt her. Keep tapping the pods and tapping her when she is near to win.

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