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Kirby: Squeak Squad Cheats "World 3 end Boss strategy" (Nintendo DS)


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World 3 end Boss strategy

Get the U.F.O. power-up and the lollipop that makes you invincible. To get the U.F.O., go to level 3-4 and go through the level until you get to the hill where metal persons are falling from the sky. From there, go to the opposite side of the mountain and get the "?" in a bubble. Touch it to get a random power-up. If it's the lollipop then you are halfway done. Get on the Warp Star to go to a new place. When you get there, suck up one of the fire persons if you do not already have it, then go to the very right of the level. To the right of the door, burn the cloud away and inside is the U.F.O. Do the level again and get a spare if you wish. If you don't have the lollipop for invincibility, you can mix power-ups until you get one or get the "?" power-up for a random one. When you have the lollipop and the U.F.O.s, go to the Boss level. You won't need the fire or tornado power-up, but take them if you wnat. When you reach the Boss, do not use the lollipop but stay in the middle of the screen and shoot power shots at him by holding B. After he dies the first time, he will destroy the cloud ground and make another with holes. He now has an electric shield around him. Use the lollipop and keep flying into him or staying directly on him and he will die quickly.

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