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Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, The Cheats "Stamp locations" (Nintendo DS)


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Stamp locations

Search the following locations to find stamps for Niko:

Desert Realm
Sand Sanctuary - Beat Sand Temple to unlock Sand Lokomo's sidequest, then finish it. Get a Cucco, and fly to the island in the southeast corner of the area.
Sand Temple - On the west side of the sand river on the second floor; Sand Wand required.
Spirit Tower - At the very top of the tower.

Fire Realm
Fire Sanctuary - Light the torches to unlock the bridges, north part of the area; Boomerang required.
Fire Temple - In the room with four eyes next to each other, shoot the hidden switch in the southwest corner with an arrow; Bow required.
Goron Village - Northwest corner of the area west of Goron village; instead of crossing the bridge that you activate, keep going north, and use the Snake Rope to get across.

Forest Realm
Aboda Village - Next to the train station.
Forest Sanctuary - North part of the map, near some stairs.
Forest Temple - First floor, in the poison gas room; Leaf Vacuum required.
Hyrule Castle - Northwest corner of town; Bombs required.
Trading Post - Northwest corner inside the cave; Bomb required.
Withtleton - Near the entrance of the north field.

Ocean Realm
Papuchia village - Southwest corner of the islands south of the village; Snake Rope and Bird Song required.
Pirate Hideout - Center of the map, on the hill; Snake Rope and Bird Song required, and Force Gem required to unlock Pirate Hideout.
Ocean Sanctuary - On top of the entrance to where the Lokomo is found; Snake Rope and Bird Song required.
Ocean Temple - Bomb the north walls on the second floor, inside the opened room; Snake Rope and Bombs required.

Snow Realm
Anouki Village - Northeast corner.
Snow Sanctuary - East area of the map, on a small hill.
Snow Temple - Northeast corner of the room full of water and five torches; Boomerang required.
Wellspring Station - Passing the lake using the ice torch; Boomerang required.

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