Lego Batman Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 3

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons at the main menu:

All extras - UP, DOWN, L, R, L, R, L, LEFT, RIGHT, X(2), Y(2), B(2), L, UP, DOWN, L, R, L, R, UP(2), DOWN, START, SELECT.
All episodes and Free Play mode - RIGHT, UP, R, L, X, Y, RIGHT, LEFT, B, L, R, L, DOWN(2), UP, Y(2), X(2), B(2), UP(2), L, R, START, SELECT.
All characters - X, UP, B, DOWN, Y, LEFT, START, RIGHT, R(2), L, R(2), DOWN(2), UP, Y(3), START, SELECT.
+1 million Studs - X, Y, B(2), Y, X, L(2), R(2), UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, START, SELECT.
+3 million Studs - UP(2), B, DOWN(2), X, LEFT(2), Y, L, R, L, R, B, Y, X, START, SELECT.

Rating 2

Play as Azrael

Complete the game to unlock Azrael for purchase for 1.5 million Studs at the Batcave.

Rating 2

Skip ending sequence

To skip the animation sequence while the Studs are being totaled, press A.

Rating 0

Villain Hunt mini-game

To unlock the Villain Hunt mini-game, complete all three Villain chapters at Arkham Asylum.

Rating 0

Play as Huntress

Complete the game to unlock Huntress for purchase for 200,000 Studs at the Batcave.