Lego Star Wars 2: The Original Trilogy Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 8

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at the Mos Eisley cantina:

10 extra Studs - 4PR28U
500,000 extra Studs - HGIGHF
All characters - UDLRAB
All weapons in Character Editor - BIGGUN
All clothing in Character Editor - 867539
All bonuses - ABACAB
Obi Wan's ghost - BEN917

Rating 5


To unlock the Sandbox, get a "True Jedi" rank on all levels.

Rating 4

Best blaster custom character

This custom character can do double shots, dive shots, and rip off his opponent's arms, making him the best blaster custom character.

Name: Cowboy Grumpy ChewSolo
Hat: Cowboy
Face: Grumpy
Body: Chewbacca
Legs: Han Solo
Cape: None
Weapons: Jango Fett's dual pistols

Rating 3

Pass through doors in ship levels

To pass through doors that you cannot enter in ship levels, use a Probe droid. You will be able to go through if you go in on the left or right side of the door.

Rating 3

Easy Studs

To easily gain Studs, select the "Escape From Echo Base" level. Choose any blaster character and Gonk droid. At the part where you see a square of silver Studs, with the first grapple hook press A. Build the computer thing and go through to the next room. Change to the Gonk droid when you start sliding down the hill and go back into the room you just came from. You will find 14,000 Studs. Repeat as desired.

Rating 2

Double score zone exploit

Double score zones lets you earn double the credits from studs. Due to this effect, you can exploit it by killing your partner (2 active players only) and taking his money (and vice versa). While you lose a set amount of money, you also earn double that amount because of the double scoring effect.

Rating 1

Ship or speeder outside missions

Go to any mission with speeders or spaceships and select Free mode. Press B and you should be able to use a ship or speeder without being in mission.

Rating 1

Self destruct hint

The self destruct isn't a completely useless extra. Though blowing up your droid may seem like a bad idea, it is worth noting you don't lose studs (from the act of self-destruct), meaning that you could blow up to prevent losing studs from falling or you can send your droid, which is usually ignored by enemies, into the middle of a bunch of them, and boom. If you opt for the invulnerability extra, it's pretty pointless entirely, but it's an option open to other players.

Rating 1

Use ship or speeder outside a mission

To use a ship or speeder without being in mission, go to any mission with speeders or spaceships, select Free mode, then press B.

Rating 0

True Jedi rank

To get the "True Jedi" rank for a level, collect 10,010 Studs in that level.