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Lunar Knights Cheats "Unlockable Titles" (Nintendo DS)


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Unlockable Titles

Unlock the following titles by performing the corresponding tasks:

Adventurer - Beat the Epilogue Tower.
Collector - Collect all tracks for the Jukebox.
Dark Knight - Reach level 99 with Sabata.
Gladiator - Get an "S" rank in all Boss battles.
Grand Master - Unlock all other titles.
Guardian - Maximize the protection capabilities of all shields.
Gun Master - Have all of Django's guns at level 16.
Hunt Master Defeat one of each monster type.
Shooting Star - Get an "S" rank in all Laplace stages.
Sol Gunner - Reach level 99 with Django.
SP Agent - Beat all quests assigned by the guild.
Sword Master - Have all of Sabata's weapons at level 16.
Treasure Master - Get all accessories.
Wanderer - Beat the game on all difficulty settings.

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