Madden NFL 06 Nintendo DS Cheats

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Bonus Madden Card set

Place the Game Boy Advance games Madden NFL 2005 or Madden NFL 06 in the cartridge slot. Then, go to "Madden Cards" and you can buy a bonus set of Madden Cards.

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High stepping into endzone

To high step when running into the endzone, hold X.

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Super created play

At the main menu, select "Features", "Create-A-Play", then "Create New Play". Create an "Offensive Run". Use the "Split Backs" formation. Select "Normal", and when it loads press R until it is over your Half Back. Change the type to "Runs". Change the play to "Toss L". Have your left wide receiver blocking, and the play is "Run Blk R". When you test out the play, make sure that you run along the sidelines and juke people out if needed. If you keep doing this, you should get easily score a touchdown with a few attempts.