Madden NFL 2005 Nintendo DS Cheats

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Passing hints

-To get more passing yards in Season mode, use Directional mode.
It will show when a receiver is open, and you can still throw the ball when a receiver is not fully open.

-Choose M. Sherman's playbook and use the Shotgun Double Flag play. Use Normal mode for passing. When you snap the ball, wait for the right receiver to run his route and throw a bullet to almost always get a first down.

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Touchdown celebration

To spike the ball after scoring a touchdown, hold L.

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Cheat Codes

Tap the small spot in the center of the main menu to display a cheat entry menu. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

Harder hits - SMASHMOUTH
More fumbles - SUPERSLICK
More interceptions - BADPASS
More sacks - SAD SACK
Opponent gets three downs - SHORTTIME
Your team gets five downs - LONGTIME