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Magical Starsign Cheats "Tag Mode Unlockables" (Nintendo DS)


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Tag Mode Unlockables

Note: This requires two DS systems and two copies of the game start tag mode. Select a saved game file and exchange to get an Amigo. For more Amigos, start new saved game file in an empty slot, enter Tag mode, exchange, and repeat. Turn in the corresponding number of Amigos in Tag mode to get the corresponding bonus:

Amigo Book (move) - 10 Amigos
Egg Boots (part of "Egg" set) - 50 Amigos
Egg Cloak (part of "Egg" set) - 40 Amigos
Egg Hat (part of "Egg" set) - 5 Amigos
Egg Ring (part of "Egg" set) - 25 Amigos
Egg studs - 75 Amigos. Note - The full "Egg" set results in +47 STR, +37 IQ, +19 SPR, and +56 AGI.
Egg (random element) - 1 Amigo
Second Egg (random element) - 15 Amigos
Third Egg (random element) - 30 Amigos
Fourth Egg (random element) - 60 Amigos
Fifth Egg (Light or Dark Element) - 100 Amigos

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