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Mario Party DS Cheats "Unlockable Boss Trophies" (Nintendo DS)


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Unlockable Boss Trophies

Unlock the following trophies at the Gallery menu by performing the corresponding tasks:

Defeaten Dry Bones - Defeat Dry Bones five times.
Defeaten Hammer Bro - Defeat Hammer Bro five times.
Defeaten Kamek - Defeat Kamek five times.
Defeaten Piranha Plant - Defeat Piranha Plant four times.
Bomb Seed - Defeat Piranha Plant three times.
Bowser's MegaMorph Belt - Defeat Bowser.
Delicious Durian - Defeat Dry Bones two times.
Dry Bones's Bone - Defeat Dry Bones four times.
Electromagnetic Generator - Defeat Bowser two times.
Enchanted Bookcase - Defeat Kamek two times.
Hammer Bro's Hammer - Defeat Hammer Bro four times.
Jagged Leaf - Defeat Piranha Plant.
Kamek's Blue Dictionary - Defeat Kamek four times.
Kamek's Brown Book - Defeat Kamek three times.
Magic Switch - Defeat Dry Bones three times.
Toadette's Chair - Defeat Hammer Bro.
Toadette's Piano - Defeat Hammer Bro two times.
Toadette's Timpano - Defeat Hammer Bro three times.
Winner's Ballon - Defeat Piranha Plant two times.
Winner's Pen - Defeat Kamek.
Yummy Lychee - Defeat Dry Bones.

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