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Mario Party DS Cheats "Various mini-game hints" (Nintendo DS)


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Various mini-game hints

Rail Riders
Simply slide your stylus very fast on the touch screen. While you are doing this, look at your speed limit and if you get 109 or more when you finish the slide, you will probably win.

Hedge Honcho
Simply move the leaves out of the way via touch screen. You can see who's in first or last place on the top screen. Here's a tip: You can see a bumblebee under a leaf on the touch screen, so get ready to not touch anything when you move the leaf it's under.

Book It!

Press the buttons that appear in the circle at the bottom of the touch screen and move you, your partner, and your book up to the top of the big books.

Move your stylus quickly side-to-side on the touch screen to cut the cucumber you are in front of. This minigame is fairly easy in my opinion.

Parachutin' Gallery
Use the D-pad to move your character up, down, and side-to-side. On the top screen you will either see a heart, a raindrop, a square, or a triangle. On the bottom screen, control your character so they fall through the panel that has that shape on it. You will know you have fallen through the right one when your character starts shining in a color.

Cyber Scamper
Run (or walk) using the D-pad. Make it through the long path of color-changing panels to a hole located at the top, or just be the last one standing when time runs out. Here is a tip: At one point, all of the panels will be their right color. Remember their original color so you don't fall off and get tricked that a black space is really abyss.

Hot Shot
Use your stylus to fling the bow and arrow located at the bottom of the touch screen. You can also maneuver the bow and arrow by moving the stylus side-to-side. If you shoot the arrow when the target is on a Kamek space, you earn 25 points. If you shoot a Bowser space, you earn 100 points. If you shoot a Toadette space, you lose either 25 or 100 points depending on the level of difficulty.

Call of the Goomba
Use your stylus to turn the musical crank located at the bottom of the screen to sound music. The object of the game is to make better music than other players to attract the most Goombas. If you turn the crank slowly, you will get a pretty big crowd. If you turn it medium speed it will attract a miminal amount of Goombas. If turn it fastly you will get up to 3-11 Goombas.

Goomba Wrangler
Use your stylus to circle Goombas located in the field on the touch screen. One Goomba is worth 1 point. Eventually Golden Goombas will show up and move very fast. Collect one of those and you will earn 3 points. If you circle a Bob-omb, you will lose half of your health.

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