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Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace Cheats "Cipher Code items" (Nintendo DS)


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Cipher Code items

Speak to the orange wizard holding a surfboard inside the Big Wave store at Echo Ridge. Unlock the following items by entering the corresponding codes that he asks for:

AcidAce V3 card - Eta67300
AcornBomb3 card - Upsilon79755
AirShoes/260 ability - Sigma08312
AirSpread3 card - Delta86531
AntiDmg/250 ability - Phi40588
BeastSlap3 card - Psi07280
BigDrop3 card - Lamda09373
BN BlstrEX weapon - Omega68805
BubblHook3 card - Omicron74574
Bug Claw weapon (Japanese Version) - Iota28274
Bushido3 card - Mu13420
ClubStrng V3 card - Gamma31412
ClubStrngV3 card (Japanese Version) - Beta20976
CygnsWing V3 card - Theta78108
DangerRing weapon - Psi09659
Dark Energy item - Theta32596
DblEater card - Omega42348
DivideLine card - Delta75148
DreadJokr V3 card - Zeta11702
DrillArm3 card - Chi83559
DrkPhntm V3 card - Kappa34080
FlashStrk3 card - Sigma66019
GaleClaw weapon - Chi78584
GigCls + 1/400 ability - Upsilon28454
GyakuFuunotsume weapon (Japanese Version) - Xi78584
HP+50/110 ability - Epsilon07292
HP+500/450 ability - Rho65958
IceSpin3 card - Pi95941
Invisible card - Beta86425
JackCorvs V3 card - Epsilon71083
KiloBomb1 card - Zeta78695
MadFire3 card - Xi33819
MechFlame3 card - Nu31121
MegaBoost card - Xi23308
MegCls+1/270 ability - Tau90338
MoonDstry V3 card - Mu66767
MuTech3 card - Phi24914
QueenVrgo V3 card - Delta18946
Rogue 3 card - Lamda72890
Search Eye item - Theta71782
Shuriken3 card - Tau78431
Sirius V3 card - Nu73618
Small Energy item - Alpha85072
Small Energy item - Beta95104
Small Energy item - Gamma19606
Small Energy item - Delta51999
Small Energy item - Alpha53637
SpadMgnes V3 card - Alpha40352
StrngSwngV3 card - Omicron64221
ThndrHead3 card - Rho17385
Unlocker item - Iota20404
VirusClaw weapon - Eta28274
WickdFlame card - Pi62739
WolfWoodsV3 card (Japanese Version) - Iota16196

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