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Mega Man Star Force 3: Black Ace Cheats "Rezon cards" (Nintendo DS)


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Rezon cards

Beat Story mode, then go to "Main Menu" > "Brother". Choose the center portrait to enter the "Profile" screen. Tap the bottom box. Activate the following cards by entering the corresponding codes. They can be shared with people in your Brother Band team. When entering the codes, use the following layout on the touch screen:

[A] [E] [I] [M] [Q]
[B] [F] [J] [N] [R]
[C] [G] [K] [O] [S]
[D] [H] [L] [P] [T]

Ultimate Aqua Master: Aqua cards +3, Attack Stars, Finalize Ice Panel - KOEAIQ
Ultimate Battle Master: Null cards +3, Attack Stars, Charge Shot Finalize Mad Vulcan - BTRLPD
Ultimate Break Master: Break cards +3, Attack Stars, Charge Finalize Drill Arm - PADMLS
Ultimate Finalize: Finalize Turn+2, Access LV+1, Charge Finalize Cannon - KLADJE
Ultimate Fire Master: Fire cards +3, Attack Stars, Charge Shot Finalize Machine Flame - DOFMAP
Ultimate Guard Master: Finalize Turn+1, Finalize Holy Field, Finalize Aura - CMDGPL
Ultimate Paralyze Master: Charge Finalize Plasma Shot, Finalize Paralyze Panel - SGALMK
Ultimate Sword Master: Sword cards +3, Attack Stars, Finalize Super Barrier - GPELAI
Ultimate Thunder Master: Thunder cards +3, Attack Stars, Finalize Zetsuen Panel - GDHQPM
Ultimate Wood Master: Wood cards +3, Attack Stars, Finalize Kusamura Panel - GDIEHP

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