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Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats "Gorea 1 strategy" (Nintendo DS)


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Gorea 1 strategy

Attack the circles on the wall on the outside of the yellow ring that drains your health. Jump onto the outer ring since you will be there for the rest of the battle and will not have to jump there later, saving time. In the exact order: fire the Battle Hammer at the green circle, the yellow thunder one at the yellow circle, the Judicator at the purple one, the Magmaul at the orange, Shock Coil at the blue one, and The Imperialist at the red one.. It might be slightly out of order. You'll know when the circle has been hit because it will spin around for a while and you will hear a sound. After they all have been hit in the correct order, you will get a space ship transmission about some kind of avalanche. Note: Watch your health since Gorea 2 is difficult. For the main battle, when you see Gorea, move to the outer rim of the battlefield while he is turning black to green, then circle around the battlefield while dodging his attacks. Have the Imperialist equipped. When he turns light blue after you use The Imperialist, immediately zoom in to his arms while he is changing from red to blue. Snipe his shoulders and they should blow up, then snipe the yellow orb that floats above him before he starts reaching out at you with the orange thing. If you get caught, snipe the orb and he will let go. Dodge the blue bombs and just focus on sniping. Repeat this to succeed. Try other weapons ifsniping does work for you.

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