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Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats "Invisible field glitch" (Nintendo DS)


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Invisible field glitch

In Trooper Module (survivor field), go to the left. when you start and go to the hyper jump area. Go inside into the blue area and move to the left opening, then go outside and jump to the open area in front of you (the generator). Next, go to the left of it to see a narrow area to walk on. Go on it while being careful not to fall off. Go all the way, then turn left to find a dead end. Do the "Triple jump Metroid style" trick and, while in the air, jump forward over the field gap. It will look like you are walking in mid-air, but you are not. The stage is what has turned invisible. Note: The field will show monsters and other players, and the ledges can be anywhere, so only do this glitch if you have complete knowledge of the field.

2 years ago

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