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Metroid Prime: Hunters Cheats "Leave level boundary in Alinds Gateway:" (Nintendo DS)


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Leave level boundary in Alinds Gateway:

Play Aures Gateway as Spire. First, go to the stairs in front of the arena in the middle of the level. Face the stairs and move to the left, then go forward on the left side of the arena until you reach the circular part. Turn left about 90 degrees and look up, then search for a high ledge that should have the Red Imperialist orb on it, as well as a huge tall rock to the right of it. If you look down, that tall rock has a space between it and a lower ledge near the ground. Take Spire and continuously run into that space, then press [Morph Ball] and hold Forward for about half a second, then release. You should go inside the rock to the right of you. Do not press any buttons and allow the screen to settle, then press [Morph Ball] and you will appear out of the other side of the rock. Make sure not to move. After these steps are completed, you can shoot at will but can only slightly move around. When executed correctly, other players will see shots coming out of the rock but will not see Spire because he is still in the rock. Pretty much nothing can get to you inside the rock, unless you move out of range of the rock or someone else enters the rock.

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