Monster Rancher DS Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 1

Phoenix hint

Become an "S" rank breeder and go on an expedition to Volt Magma (the volcano). When you start moving forward you will see an Amber Event Crystal. Go to it and it will show the Pheonix flying over the volcano. Keep moving until you reach the top right part of the map and you will see another event crystal. This will create a bridge of cooled magma which you can walk across. After crossing, there is another event and you almost get hit with a falling rock. After this, there is an event next to you where you get a gold peach, which increases a monster's lifespan. Cross the bridge and continue walking down the path toward the center until you eventually find another event. You will see the Phoenix on the ground, injured. Your assistant Cleo uses your golden peach on the Phoenix, which revives him. He flies away, and leaves behind a feather. You can use it as a mixing item.

Rating 1

Colt still announces sales glitch

After winning the S-Class official tournament and watching the credits, you will see a scene where four new monsters appear and kidnap several characters in order to force you to fight them. Colt is one of the characters that gets kidnapped. Even if you have not freed Colt yet, she appears to announce the 30% sales at the market.