Mr. Driller: Drill Spirits Nintendo DS Cheats

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Unlockable Levels

Unlock the following levels by performing the corresponding tasks:

Endless Tokyo Dristone Driller level - Complete Dristone Driller.
Endless Outer Space level - Unlock all Drillers by completing all levels in mission mode to unlock the Outer Space level.
Endless Outer Space level (European Version) - Complete "The Moon" level in mission mode.
Endless South Pole level (European version) - Complete all levels except Outer Space in mission mode.

Rating 1

Play as Usagi (Japanese version)

To unlock Usagi for play, unlock all characters, then complete the 2000m Moon level again with Ataru. Usagi will appear on the top screen. Complete the stage to unlock Usagi at the character selection screen.

Rating 1

Mirror time attack mode

To unlock Mirror Time Attack mode, complete level A through J in Time Attack mode.

Rating 0

Alternate title screen

A flower will appear at the title screen after completing each of the following levels. A seventh flower will appear after all previous six flowers have been unlocked:

Earth in Mission Driller mode.
Moon in Mission Driller mode.
Japan in Time Attack Driller mode.
Reverse Japan in Time Attack Driller mode.
All levels in Dristone Driller mode.
All levels in Pressure Driller mode.

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Mr. Driller Badge

To unlock the Mr. Driller Badge, complete a Mission Driller mode level without using any items or dying. Note: The Outer Space level does not have a badge since it is endless.

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Play as Puchi

To unlock Puchi for play, complete the Japan level in mission driller mode.