MySims Nintendo DS Cheats

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Play racquetball

To play racquetball, talk to the mayor's grandson, and he'll give you a racket. You can only play until night. As you play, you will get money, more games, and better rackets.

Rating 3

Winning Elizabeth's Fashion Review"

To win Elizabeth's Fashion Review, you must have the following outfits on your Sim:

Entertainment Area - Silver and blue custom top with red pants/trousers.
Forest - Green and brown custom top with brown pants/trousers.
Highlands - Purple and pink custom shirt with black roll-up pants.
Mountains - Orange custom top with green pants/trousers.
Port Area - Custom top of blue shades with light blue jeans.
Town - Red and black custom top with blue jeans.

Rating 3

Infinite money

To get infinite money, get 10 Coins, then go to the Tic Tac Trump game at the casino. Bet 6 Coins. Do not double, then lose. The game will still allow you to bet 6 Coins even though you only have 4 Coins. Bet 6 Coins, and lose. The game will list your amount of Coins as -2. Quit Tic Tac Trump, then choose to play it again. Bet any amount, and win. You will have 9,999,999 Coins.

Rating 3

Accessing the island

Go directly to the island from the boat at the port with 10,100 Simoleons remaining. Go by the bay side until you see a blonde rich girl named Elizabeth. If you make her happy, she will ask if you would like to buy a house. Buy the house. The house has a pool, three rooms, a gate, and a big flower bed. She will tell you more about her and become a best friend.

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Easy money

To easily earn money, go to the Entertainment Area, and catch a fish called an Anomalocarid. Give it to Joseph, and he will almost have a heart attack from how big and mean it is. Joseph will pay around $1,200 for it.

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Extra house

After completing Star 3, go to the island. Speak to a girl named Elizabeth and she'll offer you a home valued at $300,000,000,000,000,000. Offer her $10,000. This can be used as storage or your home. This house includes a camera, three rooms, and a pool you cannot go in.

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Preview clothes

When you have three stars, enter the pink house on the entertainment island. You can preview some clothes that Tyler the Tailor will make in the future.