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Naruto Shippuden: Ninja Council 4 Nintendo DS Cheats

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General hints

The following are a few hints from the developer:

1. Tired of having to find alternate routes around seemingly impenetrable walls? Select Sakura as your main ninja and go right through the wall with her “Girl Power” jutsu.

2. Some levels are dark! Use Neji with his “Byakugan” jutsu to help navigate through these tough levels.

3. Having a tough time with complicated jumping sequences? Select Rock Lee with his superior jumping ability and avoid these situations all together!

4. Sometimes regular jumping just isn’t enough. Use Naruto’s Toad summoning jutsu to get to those high, hard to reach places. You just might find something valuable!

5. Ever come by a seemingly inaccessible switch in your travels? Use Kakashi and summon Pakkun to get into even the tightest spots.

6. Use your minimap to explore your surroundings. You never know what you’re going to find!

7. When selecting your support ninja, take into consideration what you need for the mission. Are there lots of small foes that are hard to target? Use Rock Lee to clear them out. Do you find that you are constantly searching for health potions? Sakura can help heal your wounds.

8. Always stay on your toes! Some platforms are not very stable and may fall once you land on them. Time your jumps quickly and carefully to avoid falling!

9. Bosses are more challenging than any other ninja you face in a mission. Pull out all the stops and use your most powerful jutsu against these enemies!

10. Remember to use the gold you receive from completed missions. Sometimes buying a new jutsu can mean the difference of finishing or failing a mission.

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Cheat Codes

To display the password menu, press DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, LEFT(2). Unlock the following characters by entering the corresponding passwords:

Gaara - "Sand Box"
Itachi - "Sharingan Demon"
Might Guy - "Youth"
Temari - "Strong Wind"
TenTen - "Ninja Tools"

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Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters for purchase at the shop by performing the corresponding tasks:

Deidara - Complete the game, then buy from Neji's Experience Shop.
Gaara - Complete the game, then buy from Naruto's Experience Shop.
Itachi - Complete the game, then buy from Sakura's Experience Shop.
Kisame - Complete the game, then buy from Kakashi's Experience Shop.
Red Haired Sasori - Complete the game, then buy from Rock Lee's Experience Shop.

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