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New Super Mario Bros. Cheats "Infinite lives hints" (Nintendo DS)


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Infinite lives hints

-To get infinite lives, i World 2-4, just past the two Piranha Plants you will encounter a staircase with a turtle coming down it. Jump on the turtle just as it is about to go off the third stair from the bottom. Mario will continue to jump on the turtle and earn up to 99 lives.

-To get infinite lives, go to World 7-4 as Mini Mario. Go through the stage while staying on the left side. You will encounter a "?" box and a ledge. Jump on the box then to the ledge. Jump off the ledge, and stay against the wall. You will reach a platform with a pipe leading to a red flagpole. You will unlock a 1-Up Mushroom House to the north of World 7-4, which never disappears. You can continue to get 1-Ups until you reach your maximum of 99 lives.

-To get infinite lives in World 7-5, throw a Koopa shell in-between the two Bullet Bill cannons to get an extra life every four seconds.

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