Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Nintendo DS Cheats

Rating 2

Unlock Memories Of Escape option

Complete the game and select "Memories Of Escape" to replay previously completed rooms.

Rating 0

Unlockable Previews

Unlock the following previews by performing the corresponding tasks. The previews will guide you along the path for the true ending.

Preview A - Complete the game with the Safe ending.
Preview B - Complete the game with the True or Coffin endings.

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Alternate Endings

Unlock the following alternate endings by using the corresponding paths:

Knife - Take Door 5, 7, 6. Alternately, take Door 4, 7, 6.
Axe - Take Door 5, 8, 1. Alternatively, take Door 4, 8, 1.
Sub - For the third door, choose Door 2. Choosing Door 3 as your second choice will automatically force you into the Sub Ending.
Coffin - Take Door 4, 7, 1. However, going through the Doors is not enough. You must accept the bookmark, inquire about Ice-9 and Alice, and examine "Zero." Note: By doing the True ending, you will also get this ending because all that occurs here is exactly what occurs in the True Ending, albeit not finished.
Safe - Take Door 5, 8, 6. Note: Required for True Ending.
True Ending - Take Door 4, 7, 1. In addition to doing all that is required to get the Coffin Ending, you must also must have gotten the Safe ending as well as playing with memories. 

Rating 0

Preview option

Complete all of the alternate endings to unlock the Preview option.