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Nintendogs: Lab & Friends Cheats "Beautiful coat hints" (Nintendo DS)


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Beautiful coat hints

-For a beautiful coat, give your dog a bath when the dog's information page for coat reads "Clean". Your dog will also like you more. Also, when you wash it, apply the soap, then rinse. Then, apply the soap again and rinse again.

  • When bathing your dogs, scrub them down quickly with the sponge and wash them off. Wash them again with the soap sponge and the suds should be white. Your dog will be as clean as it can be. Note: Leave at least a soap sud on your pet or else the trick will not work and you will have wasted one shampoo.

  • Wash your dog with the Long-haired Shampoo or Short-haired Shampoo and, before you wash all the suds off, brush your dog immediately after you are done. Note: Your dog will not need another bath for 24 hours, or even 48 hours if you are lucky.

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