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Nintendogs: Lab & Friends Cheats "Disc training hints" (Nintendo DS)


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Disc training hints

  • Go to the park, and repeatedly train your dog until you get a message. To train it, use a Frisbee, tennis ball, rubber bone, or stick.
  • After you throw a bone, Frisbee, stick, or tennis ball while playing fetch in the park or home, retrieve the item by tapping the screen at least five times to get their attention. Then, play a tug-o-war until you have it again.
  • Get a small dog, like a Chihuahua or Yorkie, to ensure very fast speed for the disc competitions, .
  • Get a Shetland Sheepdog for the disc competitions since they can keep up with the disc no matter how hard you throw it.
  • Inside your home, train with your dog until it gets five discs in a row. Pet your dog every time it catches so it learns to catch the disc better. Also, throw the disc straight so it‘s easier to catch. Afterwards, go to contests and disc competitions. Note: You can only play three games a day.
  • Use a Dalmatian for the disc competition since they run fast and jump high. Alternately, use the Jack Russell terrier, which goes fast but catches the disc on the ground.

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