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One Piece: Gear Spirit Nintendo DS Cheats

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Unlockable Special Cards

Unlock the following cards by performing the corresponding tasks:

Bellemere - Nami at maximum.
Blueno - Kaku at maximum.
Buggy - Shanks at maximum.
Dalton - Kurohige at maximum.
DoFlamingo - Mihawk at maximum.
Dragon - Defeat Luffy Gear 2 (stats up)
Gan Fall - Ener at maximum.
Hina - Smoker at maximum.
Hiruluk - Chopper at maximum.
Jaguar D saulo - Nico Robin at maximum.
Kaya - Usopp at maximum.
Khoza - Vivi at maximum.
Kuina - Zolo at maximum.
Kuma - Crocodile at maximum.
Laboon - Brook at maximum.
Mayor - Luffy at maximum.
Sengoku - Aokiji at maximum.
Shirohige - Ace at maximum.
Spandam - Lucci at maximum.
Straw Hat - Defeat Shanks (stats up)
Tom - Franky at maximum.
Zeff - Sanji at maximum.

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Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by performing the corresponding tasks:

Ace - Beat Story mode with two different characters
Blackbeard - Beat Story mode with Shanks
Crocodile - Beat Story mode with three different characters
Ener - Beat Story mode with five different characters
Mihawk - Beat Story mode with all other characters
Shanks - Beat Story mode with Mihawk
Smoker - Beat Story mode
Vivi - Beat Story mode with four different characters"

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